Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day

Some of you may not know that I am a veteran. I was in the US Air Force for about 2 3/4 years and then in first the Utah Air National guard and then the Van Nuys Air National Guard for about another 2 3/4 years total guard service.

A friend sent this link to me. Made me cry. Hope you guys enjoy it.

http: com="" v="KTb6qdPu8JE"

I also want to give a special thank you to all of you who served "in country" during times of war. My sweet little butt was safely stationed in Japan while some of you were having your tails shot at, watching your friends die, and eating C-rations in the heat of Viet Nam.

And more special thank you's to:

2 of my birth brothers who served in the AF.

Several cousins and an uncle who served in Viet Nam

My birth father, a Navy Korean war vet.

My uncle, a Navy and Air Force vet who served in WWII as a 16 year old seaman, a Korean war airman and a Seabee for two tours in Viet Nam.

My Grandfather, one of two men to survive his battalion being mustard gassed in Germany during WWI. He spent the rest of his life with service-connected disabilities and no compensation, but he didn't complain. Not even when he was then beaten up during WWII for being "a German", though he was a US citizen.

And two great-uncles who are buried at Gettysburg.

They are part of why I'm free today.

Happy Veterans' Day to all.


LizBeth said...

Thank you! And thanks to you, too! I was Army in Japan, as you know. My dad was a WWII vet in the Pacific. He hated war, saw some awful things. I finally asked him why he fought since he thought it was so bad. He said a few stupid people got us all into it, and it took a lot of smart people to get us out. . . . . . . I get tired of hearing people who think military service is all about killing and hate. Most of us worked to prevent war by knowing what the other guy was up to. Knowledge is better ammunition than bullets. Of course, I've also noticed that those people who are opposed to military service sure don't mind living in a free country!

Darlene said...

Yeah, I've noticed that myself. It's like war is "dirty", and they don't want to get "dirty", but they are the first to howl "censorship" when someone wants to "infringe" on their "rights". Go figure.