Monday, November 29, 2010

The tale of the pumpkin pie

One time about 25 years ago, my sister, her husband, my youngest sister and myself all got in the car in north Florida and drove to my parents house in northern Pennsylvania. It was about an 18 hr drive. We had a nice drive, arrived late and after greeting the family, went to our various assigned rooms and fell asleep.

It was Christmas time and so, there was snow on the ground - fun for FL kids. There was food to be cooked and presents to be set out and there was some last minute shopping to be done.

So we commenced the cooking. While some of the food was cooking, I happened to go out onto an enclosed porch to look around. (This was not the home we grew up in. It was the parsonage for the church they had at the time and we hadn't been there before.) My dad came in from outside and I asked him about the corn on the cob that was sitting out in the rafters and that had been chewed on. He said he was saving the seeds for next year. He also had some other seeds that I noticed had been chewed on and asked him what was eating his seed supply. He replied that it was some clever chipmunks that figured out how to get in and out and that he couldn't stop them. (Cue "Chip and Dale" intro). He had tried a variety of ways to stop them, but nothing was working. He didn't really want to hurt them, just stop them from eating his seed supply.

Well, the cooking was finally done and mom was ready to go shopping. Before we left, mom decided that the pies would be cooled quicker if she placed them on the enclosed porch.


"mom, won't the chipmunks get into them?"

"Nah, they've never bothered the pies before. They don't care for pumpkin pie."

"Oh. ok."

And off we go for a couple of hours.

And we come back.

And mom goes out onto the back porch to get her pies.

And we hear hysterical laughing going on.

So...we go check.

There on the top of one of the pies, in a corner, are little chippymunk footprints! And TEETH prints!

Yes, Virginia the chipmunks DID like pumpkin pie. And YES, they DID get into pies on the porch!

So, mom cut the wedge off where they had nibbled it, put it on the porch and wished the little beggars a Merry Christmas.

And we ate the rest of the pie for Christmas. Yes. We. Did.

And it was GOOD!


LizBeth said...

I believe it!

We had a beagle pup who licked the cream icing of one half of a Valentine's cake I made when I was a kid. Licked it clean as a whistle. Didn't touch the other half because she couldn't reach it from the chair at the end of the table where she was standing. Yes, we ate the other half.

I sure hope you get some rest tonight! You sound like you might need it real bad. LOL
Blessings, Liz

LizBeth said...

Maybe you're getting some rest now?????? ~Liz

Darlene said...

Uhmmm...sort of. I've been sleeping about 5 hrs worth. I wake up coughing and then am up for the rest of the night.

But I'm feeling a bit better. Definitely on the mend.

Jen ( said...

That is so funny! Chipmunk pie... :)

Jen ( said...

That is so funny! Chipmunk pie... :)

Kristen said...

What a fun story. We had a neighbor cat walk through a frosted Texas sheet cake left on a porch to cool. You just never know "who" is going to show up when you leave things out.

LizBeth said...

Hey! We might get the snow forecast for the panhandle for tonight and tomorrow morning -- maybe -- but I hope not. You have a Merry Christmas! Hope you'll be with some of the kids. ~Liz

LizBeth said...

Well, sounds like you have all kinds of activity then. Have a good time! ~Liz