Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sourdough mutiny

Well, after feeding my sourdough for a week, I finally got around to making something with it.
I decided to make pancakes. I have a nice recipe for it. I've made it before and I liked it.

Kids! Gotta love them.

I spent 20 mins whipping up a nice batch with extra to freeze. They each took one bite and went YUCK.
Then I tried one. I had to agree. It didn't taste too good.

Rule one.
Don't start this project if you have a tooth ache. You'll forget to feed it a couple of times and it will get VERY strong.
Rule two.
If they kids have never had rye flour before, don't make the start out of it. The taste will come through and they won't eat it.
Rule three.
If you ignore rule one and two, then you're going to have to do one of two things. Either throw out the starter or throw out the kids. I opted for keeping the kids. I'm not sure why. So I tossed the start.

Yes, I could have added some baking soda and sugar to sweeten it, but the damage has already been done. I need to let this subject sit for a while and then try revisiting it at a later date. Because until then, they won't even try it. Especially 18 dd who has a gourmet's set of taste buds and a water budget. (yes, this child CAN tell when the bread will break out in mold! She'd done it before. People have told her, naw, the bread is fine. Then later in the day, they'll find small spots of mold growing that wasn't there earlier.)


The tooth is doing better. It's still letting me know it's there, but not so badly that I'm taking anything for the pain. It usually only hurts when I have forgotten and chewed on that side, then I will notice a little later that my jaw is sore.
It makes me grateful that we have antibiotics - even though I do detest taking them.


Anonymous said...

I will bring you some of my starter.Richie loved the rolls it made and he doesn't like food usually that doesn't have an expiration date!!

Darlene said...

Hey, I didn't know anyone was actually reading my blog.
Thanks! I like the sour dough, but with my tooth acting up the last few weeks, I shouldn't even have started that project!
Eric said he'd try it again.
Is Richie or Josh L. coming to the Field Day? Eric's afraid he's going to be the only older kid there.

Christy said...

Just found your blog. My sourdough starter isn't sour at all. Not sure what I did wrong. I need to throw it out and try another. Did you capture wild yeast or buy yours somewhere?