Sunday, September 2, 2007

Any questions?

Do any of you readers have anything that you would like to see me cover or questions you'd like me to see if I can answer for you?

I have a lot of resources for "make-your-own..." items - like tortillas, soap, easy cheeses, sour dough baked goods, candies with honey, using typical food storage items such as wheat, beans, rice and TVP.

I also have resources for "instant" food that you prepackage at home - such as oatmeal packets, seasoning packets, soups, bread machine and knead by hand mixes, Bisquick-type baking mixes using whole wheat or regular flour with recipes for using the mix, etc.

I have ideas for 72 hour kits (emergency kits), food storage, back to basics, vegetarian cooking (though I'm not a vegetarian, I do make many meatless meals.)

I also have a lot of gardening ideas, I've raised rabbits, chickens and for a while a goat - though I had to get rid of her before she had freshened. So I never milked her.

I have been homeschooling for 14 years. Two of the three have had high IQs and major learning issues. All three have minor learning issues. I have a lot of resources in this area.

I do a little knitting. I've never done complicated things like sweaters or used double pointed needles. (Will you believe this? I can't FIND double pointed needles in the local 3 counties. NO ONE has them, so I can't learn to use them.) Mostly, I've done mittens, gloves, slippers, slipper-socks and this half-glove type mitten. That one is my own pattern. My hands get cold in the winter, especially my right hand. So I made a half mitten to keep it warm. Worked VERY well. All these I knit on round needles. I find them easier to work on than straight one. I don't knit in the round with them, just use them as I would a set of straight needles.

I'm a little more experienced crocheter. I've done hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, doilies and other things. I have trouble crocheting now, it makes my hands hurt too much, so I knit things instead.

I also sew. I make dresses, pants, shirts and household items. It's been a while since I've had the machine out and I'm not an "expert", more an upper-level intermediate sewer. I can do some alterations on a pattern, but resizing the bodice is not one of them. I can move the darts, but not change the size. I always have to get a larger pattern, then cut down the rest of it to fit. I prefer working with knits. (I took a couple of "Stretch-n-Sew" classes back in the late 70's and loved the ease of construction!)

I can fix computers. Both fixing broken ones and figure out why people are having problems using certain programs. I'm not a programmer. I don't know a lick of code.

I'm also a ham radio operator. I mostly use Echolink - I only have a handitalkie (looks like an old police radio) which doesn't have much power to get out, I can only broadcast to about a 20 mile radius - providing one of these beautiful mountains doesn't get in the way.

I'm also a former medic/paramedic as well as have kids that had more than their share of illnesses. I read medical textbooks for fun. One day when I was pregnant, my MD came in to find me reading one of her ultrasound books. She thought it was funny, but they used it a lot, so she wouldn't let me borrow it. lol

I was a "Master Gardener" in north Florida. I've done mostly Square Foot Gardening and container gardening.

I'm a single mom who's been divorce for 11 years. I can pinch a penny so hard, it doesn't squeal, it begs for mercy. lol

So, that's a partial list of what I can do and some things that I feel comfortable answering questions on. If I don't have an answer, I'll look it up or just plain tell you I don't know the answer to that one.

If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. Just drop me a line or make a comment on this blog and I'll see what I can do to help.


Lib said...

Wow, what a Wonderful blog you have here.I enjoyed my visit .
I would Love to know more about foods.

Ali said...

Hi ~ with square foot gardening to you also plant companion plant wise ~ that is certain plants next to each other or not worry about that ??
Thanks, Ali

Darlene said...

Hi Ali,
I have done some companion planting. It's a good idea. I haven't looked at my companion planting information in years - I just have too little space to plant much. All I grow now is tomatoes, a few herbs, and a plant that I get for Mother's Day each year. I have the herbs in one container, tomatoes in another,the third gets the plant from church. One bucket gets mint, another the chives. Not much of a garden now. sigh
I plant Sugar Snap peas and lettuce first, then the tomatoes after that.

I've been having problems with a woodchuck aka ground hog and the neighborhood kids. So the last couple of years, I'm lucky to see much out of the garden. I've moved the containers closer to the house and get our Chihauhau to "wet" on the outsides of the containers. that has discouraged the woodchuck.
The neighborhood kids are a whole different problem. Speaking to the parents hasn't done much. I finally had to get the Housing Authority (where we reside) to intervene, but they are still picking the blossoms off the plants as well as taking the tomatoes before they are ripe, just not as often.
The kids are all young, 5-7 years old. It's the parents that just turn them loose that I get aggreviated with. I have a 18 month old that's in the streets and no one is watching him - except sometimes his 5 year old brother. I've called the cops, but they don't do anything.
Eventually, they'll get themselves kicked out and then it will settle down. Until then, I try to speak kindly to the kids and let them know I'm not happy with what they're doing. I see them trying to remember, but sometimes....


Ali said...

Thanks for that Darlene ~ what a shame about roving children picking at your plants :(

Pieces of me said...

HI I'm new here and was reading through all the posts. Got your blog bookmarked now!
I would love to read more about the make your own and the instant foods mixes. Especially with Christmas on the way. Yes I know it's early but never to soon to start.
I need all the budget tips I can get I have become a stay at home mom and we are on a tight budget. As a child I never really learned to be frugal so I need all the help I can get.
Thanks so much for all the effort you put into your blog.

Pieces of me said...

New to your blog (it's bookmarked now) and reading through past posts. I would really love to read more about make your own and also the instant food mixes. Especially with Christmas on the way. I know it's early but I need a running start. Also any frugal tips I can get are awesome as I just became a stay at home mom and we are on a tight budget.
Thanks for all the time and effort you put into your blog.