Saturday, September 8, 2007

Blog, dog and the phone cord

Ain't life grand?
Just when you think things are flowing smoothly, something happens and there goes you plans.
My plans for this week including making some of the sour dough bread that I posted about a couple of days ago, plus making some waffles for a meal and for the freezer.

So I got my ingredients together, tripled the batter ingredients, mixed 'em up and left the bowl in the prewarmed oven overnight.

I got up the next morning and to my surprise, not much had happened. The mix was still very stiff. (I had used freshly ground, red winter wheat for 4 cups of the flour and then used 2 cups of rye flour. I also added 3 tbs of yeast.) So I added some more water, thinking that my wheat was "extra dry". I left it sitting out and by the next morning, it was too thin. So I went ahead and fed it with 2 cups water and 2 cups wheat. There was about 3/4 cup of left-over flour in the bag, so I tossed that in. I'm going to use most of this for waffle batter, so having so much won't hurt anything.

This morning, it was looking and smelling good. But being the ADHD person I am and with no computer to use, I got side-tracked knitting some dish cloths and didn't get it done. I was also going to add a couple of posts to my blog.

When I got home yesterday I found that my daughter's dog has chewed the cord on the phone. My son, who was home when it happened and working on the computer, said he heard Baxter yelp and then the internet went out. He tried and tried to get it to work and couldn't. I tried also, but to no avail. So we called tech support and they tried to do stuff to get it back going. Evidently, when Baxter bit through the cord, he shorted out the DSL modem. In the end, they were going to send us a new modem. Later last night, I realized that I still have a modem on this machine and I setup a dialup account. Hey, it worked! I had limited internet usage.

Today, my son has been on the computer playing his game and I spent it knitting on dish cloths.
I knew that I couldn't do much downloading with just the dial up - it takes forever and a year!
Then about 30 mins ago, I had him plug in the old modem, just to see what would happen. Surprise, surprise, surprise! It worked. So we've reattached the DSL and here I am.

I don't think the dog will bite the cord again. He found out that it bites back.

Hopefully, I'll get some pics up of my sour dough and my knitting.

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Lib said...

Sorry to hear the dog bit the cord.

Thank You so much for posting the sour dough recipes.I look forward to cooking them tomorrow.