Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Learning to blog

It's funny how life goes full circle.
When my first-born was little, I was responsible for teaching her all she needed to know to start the progression to adulthood. I fussed when her clothes didn't match, cleaned her face when it was dirty, combed her hair when it was messy and in general, hovered about her as mothers are wont to do.

18 years later, the shoe is on the other foot! She now brushes and braids my knee-length hair, says "no!" when I wear something that she thinks doesn't go together and in general fusses over me. I guess she thinks that turning 54 makes me old and in need of fussing over. Or maybe it's just the mother-daughter dance that mothers and daughters do with each other.

Perhaps it's that there are things she is good at that I'm not so good at doing. She has a natural flair for what looks good. She learns the ins and outs of new technology faster than I do. She's well versed on finding and doing certain things on the internet. (Though I am quite internet savvy, mechanically inclined and I can still repair broken computers better than she can!) lol

Then to add to the whole arena of "lack of knowledge", there's the not knowing current slang, current actors and heaven forbid, certain singing sensations. No wonder they think we don't know "anything". We don't - at least, we don't know what is currently in "fashion" and since we have to ask them who or what is..., no wonder they think we don't know squat.

The young don't count all the things we elders know that they don't, they only see that they know things that seem so easy and that we elders have to be shown a time or two to "get it". Since it's so easy for them and harder for us, we must know less than they do. Logical, right? No wonder they alternately fuss over us or ignore what we say. Remember when we felt the same way about our "elders"? Then when we got to about 26, remember how much smarter these "elders" started becoming? And by the time our own kids were teens, didn't said "elders" become absolute geniuses in our eyes?

Today I wanted to subscribe to a blog that I had just found and had no idea how to do it. So guess whom I called to come sit beside me and help me find what I needed. In the midst of trying to find out how to subscribe to the blog I wanted, dear daughter decided that I needed a blog of my own and so this blog was born. That way I could "link it" to my own site.

I'm not much of a writer. In fact, when I was in school I hated composition. I'd get blank pageitis. My mind couldn't think of a thing to write. It will be interesting to see where the blog ends up, to see if a blank page still leaves me staring off into space. Or is that just me taking a quick nap? lol

Hopefully, I'll learn to post recipes, ideas about "old-fashion" skills like making bread, sewing, making soap,preserving foods,food storage ideas, 72 hr kits and other homemaking necessities, as well as, learn to format a page, put up pictures and make links to other blogs as well as have people link to me.

So here's to the birth of a new blog and blogger. May it grow and prosper; may I enjoy writing it and you enjoy reading it.

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Katidids said...

I look forward to reading more!...Just found you and wanted to start at the begining